A Pool House Keeps Everything Within Reach

A Pool House Keeps Everything Within Reach

10/05/2018 home improvement 0

A pool house is also often referred to as a cabana or a detached guest house. In any case, it is a gorgeous backyard addition to a pool that can double as a warm-weather retreat. It is a durable and long-lasting high-quality structure that is an enjoyable new addition to your home, creates a gathering place for your family and visitors, provides a focal point as you transform your backyard, and increases your property value. Some feature an open patio area perhaps with a shade cover or a solid roof. You can also add a lounge or outdoor kitchen surrounding a fireplace.

From the long-ago days when a pool house was just a small structure a few feet from the water, the primary purpose was and remains to provide a private space near a pool where family and friends can extend the outdoor entertaining area, change in and out of swimsuits, take a shower with available extra towels, use a bathroom, make use of a stocked mini fridge with drinks and snacks. If large enough to have a separate space, you can even store pool toys, equipment, pumps, filters, and maintenance supplies.

It is an excellent benefit to the value if you can follow your home’s architecture, lines, style, and have it complement the main house’s visual look.

In most areas, a pool house project requires a building permit from your local city or county government office and must conform to local zoning codes and ordinances. Zoning laws will dictate how close the pool house can be to the pool’s edge, which is important for safety and usability.

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