What to Know About Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-glare glass is used in products as diverse as eye glasses and car windscreens. It prevents glare by scattering dazzling and reflected light from acute directions.

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Types of glass with anti-glare qualities are needed for modern devices like computer screens, smartphones and flat-screen televisions. Without it we would have to have blackout curtains to work on a laptop or relax in front of the TV. Unwanted reflections and glare have also been shown to be something of a health risk. They can cause stress, headaches and eye strain.

Display Glass

One particularly common use is in picture frames and display cases. Without anti-glare glass it would often be difficult to see exhibits clearly because of lights and images reflected in the glass. For an illustration of how much difference it can make, see the zoo photograph on this site: http://www.schott.com/architecture/english/products/anti-reflective-glass/amiran.html.

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