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Safest ways to vacuum hardwood flooring

However clean you try to keep your hardwood floor, it can get dirty with food marks, pet hair, spillages and dust. Many people like to brush or wipe a hardwood floor to keep it clean, but a vacuum cleaner can give an even better finish. Read on for tips on caring for hardwood floors.

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Everyday protection

Firstly, you should use a doormat so that people can wipe their feet before entering your home. You could even have a no-shoes policy whereby people have to remove their shoes before coming in. Use protectors on the feet of tables and chairs to prevent scratches when moving them. In the kitchen, use a mat in front of the sink and stove to protect these heavy-duty areas.

Never use a steam mop on hardwood floors, as the vapour can get into the cracks and cause damage to the wood; instead, consider a …

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Updating a Fireplace

Updating a Fireplace

Designers are quick to point out that a fireplace can be an outstanding focal point for a living room or bedroom. However, if the fireplace is unattractive and outdated, it can be an eyesore rather than a highlight to the room. Updating your fireplace is a good starting point when you’re considering a remodeling project that is relatively easy, inexpensive in compared to many other remodeling projects and not extensively time-consuming.

Creating an Impressive Focal Point

You can immediately change the appearance of a room by updating the fireplace. With the help of a professional, your fireplace can undergo an amazing transformation. For starters, you can remove, add or change the mantel. A resurfacing project involving the addition of stone or stucco can make an outdated fireplace an impressive focal point in a modern or contemporary décor.

Fireplace Accent Pieces

As part of your fireplace update, you …

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Finding The Right Local Remodeling Contractor For The Job

A home is a very valuable asset on many levels. A home is place to live in and raise a family. It’s a place were friends gather, and it’s also a place where design ideas can be worked out, to make a home enjoyable. For some homeowners, however, a house may start to feel like a less than great asset if the home is showing signs of wear. Paint does fade over time, and flooring and carpets start to show stains and scuff marks. The good news is that these problems are all solvable with a home fix-up.

Though a home remodel can be a lot of work, it’s a great way to make a less than perfect home into a real dream house. Many homeowners finance their home remodel by taking out a home equity loan. This can be a wise use of funds, as a low-interest loan can …

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Home Improvement Loans For Remodeling

Kitchen update not only will increase your house’s purchasing value, but also its aesthetic appeal. Search for Private Lenders: There are umpteen private lenders out there providing subprime lending for home improvement purposes. A home enchancment loan is sweet if you happen to do not wish to use your financial savings or do not have adequate financial savings for the home improvement project.home improvement

Home improvement fairness loans will provide you the suitable platform to switch your place of living into a home. Home Improvement: Considering a Bathroom Installation ?I am a hundred percent sure that most of you always look for some home improvements.home improvement

I stringently make it a point that my readership that includes an amazing bevy of homeowners and consumers from various social strata can get sufficient knowledge about the industry and find the right home improvement guys for their home. Here are 10 surefire ways to avoid …

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There are plenty of tips around to help you create a professional finish when plastering

Choosing the right equipment, preparing the wall meticulously and buying a decent plastering trowel are all important, but the key to creating perfect plaster for a perfect finish is in the mixing.

Mixing Plaster for Perfection

If you want to mix plaster for the perfect finish, then you’ll need to choose the right paddle for your mixer. You need a paddle that won’t suck in air, as plaster should never have air bubbles in it. Then select a paddle that cope with the amount of plaster you need to mix, whether that’s render or a skim coat.

You’ll also need to use scrupulously clean water. And remember, only an amateur mixes plaster by hand.

Pick Your Paddle

The paddle diameter should be anywhere between a third and a half of that of the mixing bucket, and you should use a mixer or drill with sufficient power to really churn the …

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