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30/04/2018 0

DKI Services Launched a New DKA Commercial Solutions Service for Hospitals

Hospitals take care of many patients every day all day. The number of people inside a hospital can be huge. Along with patients, hospitals have many employees, and families and friends typically come to visit someone who is already a patient. Communities trust their local hospital to always provide any necessary medical care anytime this is needed. When a hospital suffers some type of catastrophe or other event that causes large scale damage, the hospital leaders can now turn to DKI for their newly launched and ingenious Commercial Solutions Service.

This type of damage restoration for hospital facilities and outdoor property can be overwhelming to the hospital leaders and employees. If a huge storm causes localized flooding that threatens a hospital, hospital maintenance staff won’t be able to keep up with the onslaught of water or snow entering into the hospital structure. DKI has come up with a special healthcare …

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