Don’t Let Your Home Crumble Away!

Don’t Let Your Home Crumble Away!

10/05/2018 home improvement 0

Have You Seen This?

Whether you’re inspecting a new home to possibly purchase, or you’ve noticed the following signs in your own basement, there may be some cause for concern. Cracks in the basement floor, stair-steps, interior block walls, diagonal cracks in the corners of windows or doors, sloping floors, and gaps where the floor and wall meet are all signs that the foundation of the home is crumbling. The reasons are various, but the result is all the same–the house could potentially be dangerous. If you’ve noticed these signs, then it’s crucial that you hire an experienced team to treat these issues, so your house can continue to function for your family for the next several years.

What You Can Do

Whether you’re looking for a french drain repair Erie Pennsylvania or just someone to repair the structural damage, one of the companies you can consider is Highlander Waterproofing. They possess a keen understanding of foundation damage and how to repair it. Since they also provide waterproofing for basements, they understand how water leakage can wear down the foundation of a home over time. As such, they are equipped with the know-how and tools to keep water from further damaging the home as well as mending the cracks and frames to ensure that the structural integrity of your home is restored. If you are unsure whether the cracks you see are because of a withering foundation or not, they’ll even provide you with a free inspection, so you can determine if you need to utilize their resources. Highlander is happy to work with you to make sure your home is safe, and that you’re not emptying out your wallet to make it habitable.

Cracks can be a scary thing to see. The idea of a crumbling foundation and home is even scarier. Time is of the essence when it comes to repairing your home’s structural integrity, so schedule an inspection or a repair and allow an experienced team to make sure your home stands the test of time.