Is Your Home Ready For Spring? Three Easy Steps to Take Today

Is Your Home Ready For Spring? Three Easy Steps to Take Today

15/02/2018 home remodeling 0

Don’t wait until the rains start to come down in April to get your home ready to face the spring season. After going through the harsh winter weather, your house needs to be given a careful examination and probably needs some work done to it to get ready for the season that is ahead. You don’t want anything that is easy to fix to get worse just because you neglected to take care of your home. Instead, get ready for the beautiful days of spring and the rains that come with it by taking a few simple steps to get your home in shape. Here are the three most important things that you can do for your home right now.

Check Your Roof

Winter weather can do a lot of damage to your roof, no matter what materials it is made out of. A small hole in a roof, caused by a missing or damaged shingle or by some other issue, can turn into a big problem if you don’t address it quickly. Water can get inside of your home and cause a lot of serious problems, such as mildew and mold. You can even get black mold, which can cause extremely bad health issues, such as asthma and lung problems. Get a professional to look at your roof and make sure it’s in good repair before the heavy rains start. Find a local company who understands your climate. For example, if you need roofing contractors St Charles MO, look for a company like EZ Home Solutions to get it fixed up quickly.

Clean Your Gutters

When the leaves fall from the trees in the autumn, they can be easily clogged up. Then, when winter comes, the water trapped inside of the gutters will freeze and break them further. Check your gutters now to make sure they’re not clogged and do not have holes or cracks in them. Then you’ll be ready for spring rain.

Look for Damaged Trees

If you’ve had winter storms, ice, sleet, hail, or severe winds that can tear apart trees, make sure that there are no dangerous branches in your yard or around your home. Remove damaged tree limbs and branches before they can fall and destroy your home, car, or property or even hurt someone. Your home deserves protection from the elements.