Safest ways to vacuum hardwood flooring

Safest ways to vacuum hardwood flooring

24/11/2017 home improvement 0

However clean you try to keep your hardwood floor, it can get dirty with food marks, pet hair, spillages and dust. Many people like to brush or wipe a hardwood floor to keep it clean, but a vacuum cleaner can give an even better finish. Read on for tips on caring for hardwood floors.

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Everyday protection

Firstly, you should use a doormat so that people can wipe their feet before entering your home. You could even have a no-shoes policy whereby people have to remove their shoes before coming in. Use protectors on the feet of tables and chairs to prevent scratches when moving them. In the kitchen, use a mat in front of the sink and stove to protect these heavy-duty areas.

Never use a steam mop on hardwood floors, as the vapour can get into the cracks and cause damage to the wood; instead, consider a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood floors. Use a vacuum with a brush attached to protect the finish on your hardwood floor.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Bagless versions are a good idea, as these do away with the need to change a bag. This makes upkeep easier. Panasonic and Miele vacuums are good brands to consider for reliability, especially in their canister ranges.

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If you want an upright, Kenmore has some good options with great airflow and without much dispersal of dust. Shark has a bagless upright vacuum with an extra-large bin, which converts into a canister at the touch of a button for great flexibility. These are great options to use on engineered flooring from stockists such as woodfloor warehouse.

For gadget lovers, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner navigates around furniture on its own, on both wood and carpet; however, you might need more power to deal with stubborn pet hairs. There are many guides to robot vacuums, which are highly praised by many for their clever design and ease of use.

For stick vacuum fans, consider Dyson and Black+Decker. These are light and have brush rolls and crevice tools, which make them ideal for small areas. The roller head on the Dyson is also soft and gentle with an anti-static finish. For small spillages and spaces, a handheld option is great for quick clean-ups – consider the Eureka Easy Clean with its electric rotating brush.