Spruce Up Your Home For Less

Spruce Up Your Home For Less

15/02/2018 drywall repair 0

You’ve probably read about several types of remodeling projects around the home. Each one costs thousands of dollars. It’s true that only a small group of homeowners have that amount of cash on hand for such purposes. However, there are some solutions for limited budgets. Take a look at what you can do for your home as you spruce it up for the coming seasons.

Paint the Interior

Refreshing your home’s decor with a new color is one of the fastest ways to make it look brand new once again. Pick an interior project, such as a small bathroom, to start out small. Use a bold color in confined areas while reserving neutral colors throughout the living space. Your furniture may not be new, but the fresh coat of paint surrounding it makes a difference.

Add Area Rugs

Your flooring may need a facelift, but it’s not in your budget. Consider area rugs for certain rooms. Choose from any style, from solid colors to Oriental details. These rugs become focal points for anyone entering the area. If the flooring beneath the rugs is declining, the rug gives it a look that’s appealing. Most people won’t focus on the old flooring anymore.

Decide on Slipcovers

Buying a couch is expensive, but covering it with an attractive slipcover is a smart option. Look for slipcovers that fit your sofa’s design. Bold colors might bring out a new, paint job in the room too. Don’t be afraid to choose a color other than basic beige. Your couch can accent the room as older pieces remain comfortably to the side.

Repurpose Wood

Be creative with your interior spaces. Repurpose old furniture or wood out in your garage to create side or coffee tables. Wood with its unique grains will always appear distinct regardless of its age. You can stain it with inexpensive products found at home-improvement stores. Use attractive fasteners so that they can be shown off against the wood corners. You’ll have a conversation piece that stands out among your friends and family as a result.

You might be tempted to shop here when a retailer offers a tempting deal, but look around for similar products. You might find the same furniture or paint collection for a cheaper price at another store. By being a smart consumer, you have a chance to save money while sprucing up your home.