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Why Stress Management is Necessary Our mental state can affect us in many ways whether positive or in negative. However, stress cannot be eradicated, but we can manage. Stress has been found to be a leading cause of many cases of mental illness. Human stress can be caused by different things including social, economic among others. Specialists suggest a combination of physical, social, environmental, and psychological approaches to managing stress. During stress, there is always General Adaptation Syndrome that comes up. GAS is a psychological response which has three phases. The alarm phase is the first phase. This phase makes the body react when there is an indication of a stressor around. Resistance phase is the second phase of GAS. The body at this point resists the stress and makes it go back to the process of homeostasis. The third stage and important stage is the Exhaustion. The stage is where the body becomes tired and cannot respond to any stressors. Examples of stress are; tension and irritability, fear and anxiety about the future. Some of the indications include difficulty in making decisions, loss of appetite and many other indications. It is possible to reduce stress levels in a human being.
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You need to take care of yourself as a way of dealing with stress. The first way on how to take care of your self is to look into your body health which includes proper diet, enough sleep, and maintaining normal body activity. You need to stay active and playful as a way of taking care of your body and looking into your health. Involving your body in activities and other works helps it to focus on the less stressing things and stay away from the stressors. You may also go to a gym or even run to lower your stress levels.
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Stress can also be reduced through getting social support for other people. Ensure that you get some help from a close person to you. For you to reduce the stress levels, make sure that you seek advice from a person that you trust. hey will help you in dealing with stress and the stressors. Do not involve in drinking and other drug abuse practices when you are stressed. Some people start intake of alcohol and drugs when they experience stress. They have a belief that alcohol will alleviate their stress only to forget that it happens for just a while. With this in information you will be able to realize when you are stressed and know how to handle it. If not managed on time, stress can be very damaging to a human health. It is easy to have a great day and a great life that is stress free.