What to Know About Anti-Glare Glass

What to Know About Anti-Glare Glass

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Anti-glare glass is used in products as diverse as eye glasses and car windscreens. It prevents glare by scattering dazzling and reflected light from acute directions.

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Types of glass with anti-glare qualities are needed for modern devices like computer screens, smartphones and flat-screen televisions. Without it we would have to have blackout curtains to work on a laptop or relax in front of the TV. Unwanted reflections and glare have also been shown to be something of a health risk. They can cause stress, headaches and eye strain.

Display Glass

One particularly common use is in picture frames and display cases. Without anti-glare glass it would often be difficult to see exhibits clearly because of lights and images reflected in the glass. For an illustration of how much difference it can make, see the zoo photograph on this site: http://www.schott.com/architecture/english/products/anti-reflective-glass/amiran.html.

Mementos, curios and art are meant to be enjoyed and need to be protected from damage, dust, UV and sometimes theft. Choosing the right kind of glass can serve all these purposes, making our homes more enjoyable spaces and preserving precious investments and heirlooms. Frames, cases and animal cages can be quite expensive to have built, but the glass is unlikely to be the reason: break-resistant glass with excellent viewing characteristics is not prohibitively expensive. Going to the expense of having frames or cabinets built and then skimping on the quality of the glass would be a poor investment decision.

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At home, anti-glare glass in windows may or may not make sense depending upon your lighting conditions both inside and outside the property. If you have a beautiful private garden outside large picture windows but find that half the time you’re just looking at your own reflection, or find yourself dazzled by glare from the setting sun or street lighting, there are types of glass designed to solve those problems.

Note that anti-glare and anti-reflection glass can be slightly different products, although many types help with both issues. For the best advice consult a specialist like http://www.keanewindows.ie, who supply uPVC windows in Dublin and the surrounding area.

As with exhibit cases and picture frames, it’s a poor investment decision to pay for new windows but to then skimp in your choice of glass. Wisely chosen glass can provide security, insulation, durability, low maintenance and the perfect view.