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An Informative Guide on the Home Owners Warranty

There are a number of uncertain events that the homeowners often face and these include theft, fire, vandalism or any natural disasters and with the home owners warranty, it is actually possible to cover the cost of the damages. Besides, this type of insurance coverage also protects the personal belongings of the homeowners while offering them liability protection. The liability insurance also protects the homeowners from the lawsuit in case someone becomes injured on the property. This type of insurance also insures the personal items of the homeowners in case these are ruined or stolen in any disaster. But this never covers the repairing and replacement jobs because of the daily wear and tear.

What does the homeowners insurance cover?


The coverage of the home owners warranty often varies on the basis of the type of policy and state of residence, but in general, this type of coverage offers:

  • Personal properties like clothes, outdoor and indoor furniture, home electronics like stereo, TV and computer.
  • Contents and structure of the home
  • Living expenses in case your home becomes uninhabitable because of any natural disaster
  • Up to a certain amount, the jewelry can be covered up or can be itemized for the full value or sometimes it is entirely excluded
  • Liability claims like somebody gets hurt in your property and planned to sue you. The home owners policy will deal with it.
  • Events like windstorm, vandalism, theft, hail, lightening and falling objects like tree.


How can you choose a homeowners insurance?


Like any other type of insurance, even in case of the home owners warranty, it is advisable to shop around and therefore to evaluate the benefits and the costs as the majority of the insurance providers will offer a certain amount of policy discount. It is also necessary to make sure that you go through the policy documents properly before writing the check. Also don’t mind asking queries that you may have in your mind.


How can you make a claim?


In case any of your covered appliances break down, then you should contact with the home owners warranty company on an immediate basis. These companies mainly have business tied up with various service vendors. Therefore, they would contact any service repairman to visit your home and repair the appliance. The repairing bills will be sent to the warranty provider. All you have to do is to pay the service charge while the repair person would visit your place.