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Fireplace Remodeling

For many owners, there is nothing comparable to an exterior design stone fireplace. David and Mary had a typical brick fireplace that had a built in bookshelf added to it. The look was not only dated, but made the room feel small and crowded. He used a paint around the fireplace brought out some of the warmth in the tile. Since our home improvement projects began a few months ago, we’ve had new carpet installed throughout our home, new tile installed in the entry hall, new flooring installed in the kitchen and dining room, and our fireplace has been remodeled.fireplace remodelfireplace remodel

Although a basic brick fireplace design is generally the most popular style in most homes, you have so many other design options as well. Additionally, to sharpen the look of your fireplace, you may consider placing a piece of artwork or a painting above the fireplace that compliments the colors and designs of that fireplace.fireplace remodel

You may not know it, but the Gyrofocus steel fireplace was voted the World’s Most Beautiful Object at a 2009 Italian design competition. Converting your fireplace to gas is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a fire without the work of burning wood! From full wall treatments to mantel installations and upgrades to a different fuel source, homeowners can count on FyrePro to deliver a quality fireplace makeover that will become the envy of the neighborhood.

When we build a new fireplace and want to hang a television we consult our fireplace experts at ‘Kell’s to ensure the design is safe and the client’s television is not at risk of being damaged. Cultured Stone – This is another option for any exterior landscaping stone fireplace.

Add in a few paintings to the walls that also incorporate the colors of the walls and the fireplace to tie it all in. One thing to remember though; when painting a fireplace made from brick, this is a very porous material. If your fireplace is in good condition and you’re happy with the type of fireplace it is, maybe it just needs a new look.