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Gazebo vs Pergola: What’s the Difference?

There is an extensive list of options to think about when remodelling your outdoor area. If you really want to make a bold statement, there are two useful options to consider: A gazebo or a pergola. For people who aren’t pergola and gazebo experts, knowing the difference between these two structures can be a bit confusing. The pergola and the gazebo both look alike, and can often be built for the same reasons.




The least complicated way to tell if you’re actually looking at a pergola or gazebo is by taking a thorough look at the way the structure is shaped. A pergola is square or rectangular and has four-legged structures. Whereas gazebos are typically made in an octagon shape and have a domed roof. In other words, if the structure you’re looking at is round — then it’s a gazebo.


Roofing Options


The roof design is significantly different between both structures. For example; The roof of a gazebo is domed shape and is supported by eight symmetrical pillar columns. Whereas, a pergola has a roof that consists of horizontal wooden planks.




Sunscreen Pergolas Sydney are far more durable than some gazebos. Pergolas are freestanding if you decide to install a deck. But, if you choose against adding a deck, then the pergola needs to be bolted down to an already existing slab or concreted into the ground. Pergolas are very common in warmer climates, generally because they vines can grow on the sides and roof creating additional shade.


Pergolas are quite versatile and can be either a stand-alone feature or they can link two structures together. Gazebos are often constructed with a deck; you can however, choose for your gazebo to be built without a deck, which will not require any stirrups. A pergola, on the other hand, is often built on the side of another structure, a gazebo is generally a stand-alone feature.


Overall Objective


Even though both structures can be constructed for the same thing, the two generally serve an entirely different purpose.


– Gazebos


Gazebos are stand-alone structures and are often at the centre of a garden because of its decorative essence. Gazebos are often used specifically for entertainment such as; live bands, weddings, etc., and can easily fit tables and chairs inside of it.


– Pergolas


Pergolas are normally larger structured than gazebos and can protect outdoor equipment such as a bbq, spa or furniture. They are frequently used to provide an area of shade and are used as carports too.


Its essential that you think about all of the above factors when trying to decide whether to purchase a gazebo or pergola for your outdoor area. If you have tons of free space in your backyard and want to add a decorative feature or start entertaining guests, then a gazebo is probably the better way to go. But, if you want to have a shaded area or even a carport, then a pergola is the best option for you.