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Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

When cooler temperatures arrive and leaves begin to fall, you know that the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to get your home ready for the holidays, so you can relax with family and friends and enjoy all of the festivities.

There’s no easier or more affordable way to bring the holiday spirit into your home than with fresh greenery and holiday scents. With a little creative effort and minimal costs, you can create a lovely holiday atmosphere that welcomes family and friends to your home. Take a look at some simple holiday decorating ideas.

Handmade Wreaths

You can create beautiful holiday wreaths for your doors and windows by gathering fresh greenery from the yard. Start by making the wreath with pine, spruce, or juniper pieces that you can cut from shrubs or trees. Once you get the basic wreath made, you can add color and texture with wood bark, pine cones, straw, holly berries or dried flowers. If you want to add holiday scents, include pieces of fresh eucalyptus, lavender, or twigs of thyme and rosemary. For festive color, complete your wreath with a velvet ribbon in holiday colors of red, burgundy, silver or gold.

Fresh Garland

Fresh garland is a wonderful holiday accent that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re draping your front porch and mailbox outside or your mantel and staircase inside, decorating with fresh garland will instantly add holiday appeal. For a winter scent, look for garland made from juniper, cedar, pine or balsam. Garland made from eucalyptus works well for mantels and table dressings. If you’re decorating stair railings, you’ll want to use florist wire to attach the garland. To add holiday color to your garland, attach holly berries or intertwine festive ribbons or ornaments.

Festive Centerpieces

A beautiful holiday centerpiece will add festive ambiance to any dining table. For an elegant setting, create a centerpiece filled with fresh greenery and fall flowers from your yard. Use a crystal or metal container in silver or gold that will create a more formal table. For more casual appeal, fill a wooden or clear glass bowl with fresh greenery and your favorite holiday fruits. The centerpiece will be lovely to look at, as well as edible. Make sure your refrigerator is operating efficiently with north Miami beach sub zero repair, so fruits are kept fresh throughout the holiday season.