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How Much Value Does Bathroom Remodeling Add To Your Home?

The investment required to remodel any living space in your home varies based on several factors: whether you retain your existing footprint or design a new layout, keep the appliances in place or move them modest distances, your selections for door style, wood species, finishes, and hardware components the electrical needs or re-wiring requirements, and other product considerations such as flooring, countertops, lighting, plumbing, appliances and installation services. Bathroom remodels provide some of the highest resale returns as a home improvement project. You can improve the small bathroom renovations by design as well as you can suggest him small bathroom paint color ideas of your choice so that he can include it in the budget.

A new faucet for the sink and a new toilet seat will cost much less than an entire new sink and toilet. Though you may save thousands of dollars doing bathroom remodeling work on your own, if you’re inexperienced with that kind of work, or do not have the right tools, the errors you make will wipe out any savings very rapidly.bathroom remodel costbathroom remodel cost

In the Philadelphia area, according to the 2015 COST VS VALUE REPORT from Remodeling Magazine, an average cost for a midrange bathroom remodel is $19,792 while an average cost for an upscale bathroom remodel is $59,363. This may include a new cabinet hardware, a shower head, doors, other little aspects, approximated labor as well as the material delivery cost.bathroom remodel cost

Converting a tub to a shower can cost more than $5,000, despite the low cost of some kits you see in home stores, because of the removal and installation work needed. When remodeling your bathroom , consider refinishing your tub instead of replacing it. There are lots of companies that can refinish porcelain tubs, making them look good as new.

Having everything match, from the toilet to the floor tiles, is one of the best ways to create an attractive looking bathroom. The average cost to install a toilet is about $400 if you’re not adding any fancy features. Installation can cost around $1,000.00, but it’s worth it to know the job was done right.