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Kitchen Remodel Diary

Today I’m showing you some pictures of my remodeled kitchen for Metamorphosis Monday. We have so much more that we need to to do, but we are just so relieved to finally have a working kitchen. One more suggestion – if you haven’t already discovered it, check out the kitchen forum at LOTS of discussion of pantries, layout, and every imaginable detail of kitchen remodels.kitchen remodel

If you buy appliances from them, you get a major discount on kitchen design, and I’m sure Monti could give you good advice on whether to reface existing cabinets or get new ones. This way, you don’t have to install more cabinets into a small kitchen and lose space.

For example, cabinets take up almost 30 percent of the kitchen remodel budget, but you can save by investing in stock kitchen cabinets rather than custom cabinets. Honestly, the increase in value will all depend on what type of remodeling was done and how it turned out.

Kitchen floor is laid after the heavy work of building, drywalling, and painting to save wear and tear. First, one of our expert consultants will come to your home and take you through all our design options so you will be able to actually visualize how your remodel will look once its complete.kitchen remodel

However, the numbers themselves-specifically the resale value- also reveal a fundamental truth about remodeling: it’s not always about the money. Put in corian counter tops I love them It’s all in what you what in your kitchen and remember to think outside the box.kitchen remodel