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Lake management is a most vital task to keep up on continuously

Lake owners and managers no doubt fully realize that lake management is a most vital task to keep up on continuously, lest algae, unwanted weeds, and other detrimental invaders take over. The very best means of keeping these waters under control is to have professionals come in and perform a detailed aquatic survey.

aquatic weed management can best be performed when this aquatic survey is performed by a company that will test for a significant number of variables in the given area. To perform this survey, qualified professionals will come in and test for:

  • Types of weeds and algae, and their severity
  • Water clarity and color
  • Size and depth of the waterway
  • Any beneficial or desirable aquatic plants present
  • Water chemistry
  • Oxygen levels
  • Source of water and water flow
  • Fish and wildlife present
  • Any current fountains or aeration
  • Bottom composition
  • Presence of trash or debris
  • Current and intended use of the lake or pond tested

From their findings, these professionals will then formulate a custom aquatic management program for the body of water, which often involves lake algae control and more.

Superior, leading companies in the industry offer a really wide range of services to go along with their free aquatic surveys for customers. When they perform the aquatic survey and make recommendations, they are fully capable and equipped to undertake a great number of different services to satisfy the treatment recommendations. Among the many services such companies specialize in, many can be particularly attractive and applicable for customers needing specific services performed.

Just some services that customers like to find out more about often include:

  • Annual management program
  • Pond and lake weed and algae control
  • Aquatic weed harvesting/physical removal
  • Mosquito control
  • Water quality testing and restoration
  • Natural areas management
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Lake mapping, bathymetric and depth analysis
  • Fish stocking
  • Greener solutions
  • Many more services

The company customers should really look for has a long track record of success in all services they perform, covering different states with their number of satellite locations. Their website should provide comprehensive breakdowns of the great number of services they provide, existing promotions, success stories, testimonials, and their Blog, all easily accessible from their welcoming home page.