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Remodeling Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re starting a kitchen renovation, now is a great time to create exactly what you want. Pull-out countertops: If you need more room to prepare food or chop vegetables, you can have a countertop contractor install a counter extension that you can flip or pull out when you need it. You’ll get more prep space without constantly bumping into it or reducing the space in your kitchen.kitchen remodel

But the color really wasn’t our style (we have all dark wood tones in our house)¬†and I knew that if we did replace the lower cabinets to match, it would be a pricey investment and in the end the kitchen really wouldn’t look like what I was hoping for.kitchen remodel

Whether you make the decision to simply change your kitchen countertops and cabinets, or change your kitchen counters, cabinets, sink, oven, floor tiles, and wall paint, there is a good chance that your kitchen may appear as if it is a whole, brand new kitchen.

We started the remodeling project in the upstairs of the house and it was impossible to get a full sheet of drywall up those stairs…matter of fact…the kids had to help us thread the drywall through the upstairs bedroom window, after it was completely removed down to the framing.kitchen remodel

When you think about it logically, the kitchen is very often the hub of the home – it is the place that people choose to socialize when parties and entertaining occur, it is the place where great culinary delights are created and not only that but it is the place where happy families sit to enjoy a delicious meal while spending the time talking about their day.