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When Is It Okay To Use Contractions In Formal Writing?

No one wants to arrive at the hospital too early – or risk giving birth in the car. Others experience cramps, contractions and discomfort for weeks before delivery. A sure way of identifying bad guys, space aliens, and college professors (in the movies, at least) is by their reluctance to use contractions. Most times, the contractions are constant and consistent, happening every three to five minutes.contractions

These contractions do not get closer together, do not increase with walking, do not increase in duration, and do not feel stronger over time as they do when you are in true labor. My contractions get so intense that I will feel the need to push and will remain doubled over, unable to breathe, and in tears from the pain.contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions can be described as a tightening in the abdomen that comes and goes. Hospital staffs often misread these contractions and may …