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Housing Authority Of Jackson County

Homes always need repairs but not everyone can afford it. Sometimes friends and family can come to the rescue but when they don’t…un-resolved problems create many undesirable issues: high heating bills, accelerating disrepair, and the declining health and comfort level of the people living there. Once the application is received and reviewed, the Home Repair Program Coordinator will inspect the home to assess the project requirements and cost, which are added to the application. Fixing a gutter, painting a room or replacing a window pane are examples of repairs rather than improvements.home repair

This applies only to applications for a repair subsequent to the first one, and does not include accounts where payment arrangements are up to date, proof of arrangement must be provide. Some lenders even approve loans for borrowers with less than stellar credit scores.home repairhome repair

One of the main factors involved in awarding grants for home repair is the …