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The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel In Philadelphia

Appliances – Figure in the cost of the appliance you like along with applicable taxes, delivery, and installation fees. Expensive appliances like gourmet stoves and refrigerators, as well as non-traditional kitchen appliances like drink coolers, can significantly raise the cost of a home remodel. Since 1989, Becraft Plus has provided customized design and construction┬áservices to customers in the Washington, D.C. area.

An island that features a sink, electrical outlets and a gas supply will cost more to build than one that doesn’t. Custom-made, solid-wood cabinets with a premium finish and decorative molding can easily cost $1,200 or more per linear foot, which is the way cabinets are normally priced.

Ask each contractor for a schedule for your new kitchen and use hourly rates to calculate how much of the price is labor vs. materials. But for others, putting their kitchen remodel on a budget will be more important than …