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Kitchen Remodel Recap 1

If there is one area in your bathroom that is going to cost you tons of money, it is your tiles. Simply sign in to our Project Tracker to view the status of your project, including project designs, construction schedules, and up-to-date photos of your remodel. Our goal for our new kitchen was to upgrade the cabinets & countertops along with adding usable storage space.

For this Philadelphia-area MKBD project , our clients specified professional grade appliances to complement the luxury materials: the maple kitchen cabinets, the solid granite countertops, and the natural stone backsplash and floors. Depending on the countertop chosen, you’re typically looking at 2-4 weeks before you have a fully functional kitchen again.

Solid Hardwood: Hardwood is less popular because water if not quickly mopped up, can warp it. However, with proper care, it is a viable choice for the kitchen. Kitchen remodels that may add value …