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Tips & Tricks For All Budgets

A granite fireplace is an easy and an affordable way to modernize an outdated brick fireplace. These days, you just have a lot more option for designing your fireplace mantel and fireplace surround. Contrast is king in this fireplace wall by Nathalie Tremblay of Atelier Cachet, post-renovation and re-design. If you don’t have a fireplace and are looking to add one, we can make sure you receive a hearth that will be a perfect fit for your home.fireplace remodel

As people grow in their homes, they make decorative changes throughout, often overlooking the fireplace. We can help refresh your space by adding a beautiful new mantel or replacing dated brickwork with modern natural stone. Not all fireplace design ideas need to include a home built in the wall fireplace.fireplace remodel

Before completing any fireplace remodel project it is a good idea to call a professional chimney sweep to consult with your designer or remodeler regarding codes and clearances and to have the chimney inspected. The surface of tile is much easier to keep clean than brick or stone and dirt and soot can easily be wiped away.fireplace remodel

Necessary Improvements & Wish List:┬áMake a list of what needs to be done and what you’d like to do. If your fireplace doesn’t work, or there are structural issues, these will need to be the┬átop priority for your remodel. Many people forget to do that and are left with a great fireplace with no money for the install.

One thing you want to be careful of is not to get regular paint on the metal face or interior of the fireplace as those areas require a special high heat paint. Oftentimes the simplest way to really set a fireplace off is to create a custom fireplace mantel.