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Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying the Perfect Patio Sliding Glass Door

Are you in the process of choosing a patio door for a new house you are building? Or perhaps you are looking to replace your old, foggy, sticking sliding door? Choosing the right patio door has a huge impact on both the exterior and the interior appearance of your home. Yet, a lot of us spend most of our time focusing on specific window features or the impression the front door makes instead of combing through available options to ensure that we get the perfect sliding glass door.

The process of selecting the perfect patio door for your home may sound simple on paper but it’s anything but that in real life. It may not be a fun activity for most people, but it leads to a quest for good, concise data. At EnergyShieldWindowsandDoors.com, we have a deep and detailed experience with patio doors. Today, we’ll help you choose the perfect patio door for your home. Here are the top 3 things to consider when buying the perfect patio sliding glass door.

Your Patio Door Style

There are many types of patio door styles to choose from including sliding, bi-fold, French, and swinging patio doors. If you are looking to install or replace a sliding patio door, don’t bring home a French, swinging, or bi-fold patio door. A sliding patio door is an ideal option when space is a concern. They are perfect for structures with small spaces, so keep that in mind when buying a sliding patio door. For instance, if you don’t have space for the swing of a traditional door, have a sliding door installed.

Frame Material

Consider your patio door frame material before you buy the actual door. Remember that a sliding patio door will be tested by the elements, no matter where you live. You want a patio door that can handle the weather where you live, from heat to rain and cold. Sliding glass doors are a good option. You won’t have to repaint your door frame every now and then as it will always be sash. Glass can withstand extreme weather conditions plus they have an amazing thermal performance for lower energy bills.

Size of the Door

The size of your sliding patio door will affect the overall cost of installation, obviously. Therefore, make sure that you measure the opening to obtain a rough estimate of the total cost of the project. It’s probably best to leave that part of the process to the contractor, they have years of experience and know exactly where to measure to ensure that your sliding glass patio door fits perfectly. Getting the measurements wrong is highly inconveniencing.

Due to their nature (they are economical with space), sliding doors are perfect for tight configurations such as small balconies, weekend cabins, and condominiums. Sometimes, sliding doors are also referred to as gliding or bypass doors, so don’t get confused by the terminology. If you want a wider view, choose a sliding patio door with an extra fixed panel glass on either side of the door — it really broadens the view.