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Types of Fire Detectors


Fire extinguisher detector is a device that detects early fire, so that the fire does not grow bigger. With the detection of embryonic fire, then the intervention to kill the fire can be done immediately. So as to minimize losses from the beginning.

Based on the above, the fire detector can be divided into several types, among others:


ROR (Rate of Rise) Heat Detector


Heat detector is a heat up detector. ROR type is the most widely used today, because in addition to economical also widely applicable. The sensor detection area can reach 50m2 for a ceiling height of 4m. As for the higher ceiling, the detection area is reduced to 30m2. Installation height max. Should not exceed 8m. ROR is widely used because this detector works based on rapid temperature rise in one room although it is still a hot blast. Generally on the 55oC – 63oC point the sensor is already active and sounds the fire bell alarm. Thus the danger of fire (expected) did not have time to expand to other areas. ROR is ideal for office space, hotel room, hospital, server room, archive room, factory warehouse and others. Click here if you want to see more fire Detector.


Fixed Temperature Detector


Fixed Temperature detector is also included in the Heat Detector. Unlike the ROR, the new Fixed Temperature detector detects at a high degree of direct heat. It is therefore suitable to be placed in areas where the environment is already somewhat “hot”, such as: generator room, basement, kitchen food court, asbestos roof warehouse, welding workshop and the like. The reason, if the area is mounted ROR, it will be susceptible to False Alarm (Fake Alarm), because the heat blow alone can cause ROR detect. The effective area of this type of detector is 30m2 (at 4m ceiling height) or 15m2 (for ceiling height between 4 – 8m). As with ROR, the only cables needed for this detector are 2, L and LC, which can be reversed and can be installed directly on any home alarm panel. The nature of the contact is NO (Normally Open).

So a review of the types of fire detectors. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.