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Updating a Fireplace

Updating a Fireplace

Designers are quick to point out that a fireplace can be an outstanding focal point for a living room or bedroom. However, if the fireplace is unattractive and outdated, it can be an eyesore rather than a highlight to the room. Updating your fireplace is a good starting point when you’re considering a remodeling project that is relatively easy, inexpensive in compared to many other remodeling projects and not extensively time-consuming.

Creating an Impressive Focal Point

You can immediately change the appearance of a room by updating the fireplace. With the help of a professional, your fireplace can undergo an amazing transformation. For starters, you can remove, add or change the mantel. A resurfacing project involving the addition of stone or stucco can make an outdated fireplace an impressive focal point in a modern or contemporary décor.

Fireplace Accent Pieces

As part of your fireplace update, you can select accessories that add to the aesthetics of the room. The fireplace screen, andirons, wood rack, fireplace tools and firebacks can be selected in a style and design that complement your updated décor. In spring and summer when the fireplace isn’t being used to warm the room, there are accessories you can use to assure that the fireplace remains an attractive focal point in the room. Decorative inserts and candelabras are two ways to make the fireplace a lovely accent element.

The Ambiance and Comfort a Fireplace Brings

Once you have your fireplace renovation project completed, you’ll either discover or rediscover how relaxing it is to sit by a fire and read a good book or cozy up with that special someone and enjoy the ambiance a fireplace creates. A fireplace in the living room makes it an even more pleasant place to sit and chat with family and friends. You can complete your room update by adding stunning furnishings to the room. You can find furniture in Austin Texas that can be a statement piece in the room, complement your fireplace design and showcase your unique personality.

When a large renovation project isn’t feasible, a fireplace update is a good way to make a dramatic change in a room. You will be adding beauty and function to the room. Adding some unique furniture pieces and complementary lighting will give the room a completely new look.