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Which Type of Sunroom Suits Your Style?

The variety of styles in sunrooms might surprise you. Some offer limited use when it comes to inclement weather, whereas others can be enjoyed all year long. Below are four styles that provide extra living space that brings nature up close.

Open-Air or Screen Room

A screen room is a space designed to allow you the enjoyment of a fresh breeze and sunshine, without the worry of bugs, flying leaves, and other small airborne debris. Unfortunately, with this type of sunroom, you are not able to truly enjoy it during storms and cold weather. You have to furnish the space with items that can handle all types of temperature fluctuations and moisture. You will have to give a little extra attention to cleaning to avoid mold.

Attached Greenhouse

A greenhouse atmosphere is light and airy but maintains humidity and temperature that is more suited for plants than people. It is still a welcoming environment to kick back and enjoy reading a good book or sip a cold drink on a warm day. You may find the air a little stifling on full sun days.


A solarium is a room that is full of windows, providing excellent views. Most designs feature wide doors that offer a breeze throughout the room on beautiful days. These rooms are not typically air-conditioned or heated, although you can typically access them from inside the house. You may not enjoy the space during extremely hot or cold days, but you will get more use than not.

Four-Season Room

A four-season room is one that offers the best of all worlds. You can access these areas from the interior of the home, and vented for heat and air conditioning. A large number of windows provides a great view of the outdoors that is enjoyable all year long and in any conditions.

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